Library 2

AlinagarTeachers TrainingCollege Library

Aboutthe Library:

TheATTC Library caters all the academic needs of the students of thecollege. Ithas a collection of text and reference books,  newspapers and magazines,besides asubstantial number of complimentary books, magazines. With onelargewell-furnished Reading Rooms attached with the Library can accommodate 50seatingCapacity. Library has computer based searching facility.

Librarysituated at the ground floor of the building left side of the mainentrance infront of office.


LibraryHours :

Libraryservice provide to all the teachers trainee during the collegetime 10:30 am to4:00 pm except Sunday & holidays.

LibraryRules :

1.  Every trainee and visitor in library should sing in“GateRegister”.               

2.  Every Trainee will get two books for borrow.

3.  Books should be return between seven days from thedate ofissue.

   If requirement morethan seven days then it should be renewed by thecirculation    Section or librarian.

4.  Books will not be reissued or renew more than one timeifthe book has demand

5.  Ifbook are damaged or missing then every user will bedonate a new particularbook &  fine will be charged.

6.  Everyuser should notice that book’s has any dispute ornot when they will take thebook.

7.    If any dispute found then it showstolibrarian/library staff otherwise he/she will be charge fine for that damage.

8.  Iflibrary card missing or damaged from the user thenimmediately inform to thelibrarian or circulation section. User will be issueda new card against acharge Rs.30/-(Thirty).

9.  Asper college requirement any time library asks for thebook return.

     Mobile useprohibited inlibrary room.

      Library Details :

 1   Library has reference section & reading room   yes

2  Number of books in the library                       6545

3 Encyclopedias available in the Library              Yes    THIRTY NINE(39) 

 4 Reference books available                                Yes

 5 Seating Capacity of the reading section             50

6 News paper available                                        Yes

7 Competitive   supporting books & Magazineyes  Yes

8. Educational journals   Yes  (25)